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Region: Regis-Breitingen, Germany

AtelierXtreme - A paradise for nude photography

AtelierXtreme was founded in 1998 as a production studio, located since 2008 in Regis-Breitingen, a small and quiet place in Saxony/Germany between Altenburg and Borna, about 30 km from Leipzig. The total of 3,600 sqm spread over two buildings, one of which is already expanded. All sets and partly also the props are lovingly designed and built by the owner. The studio team produced on order content and produces customer-oriented advertising photos, videos, and graphics. The production team can draw on in-house models and Hair-/MakeUp-Stylisten.

The studio can also be rented out by individuals or productions. Here, too, are in demand models, as well as makeup and hairstyling and needed a photographer, videographer, editor and image editor available. The AtelierXtreme is currently still growing. But already there are now numerous lovingly designed and spacious sets. Occasionally, the studio organizes discovery workshops.

If you want to get to know AtelierXtreme we highly recommend to visit such a workshop. The studio team is extremely helpful and personable. The hous models are very good in posinig and have plenty of experience from numerous shootings. Because the far-reaching experience of the owner he has a strong background in technical knowledge that he is happy to share in the workshop with the participants. The cost for participating in such a workshop are also very manageable.

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Werkstraße 10
D-04565 Regis-Breitingen

Phone: +49 34343 55629

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.atelierxtreme.com

Appeal to the fairness
Pay attention to the land rights when using an location. Get the approval of the owner before entering the location. Please leave the countryside as you found it to make sure others can also have fun with it.


Photos on this page: Gerd Zimmermann, Franziska Pötzsch