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Due to time constraints, Nude Art Models in this form will be shut down shortly

Kleine Twiggy


We have not yet carried out a casting with the nude model for you at Nude Art Models. Please scroll down the page a bit, there you will find links to the shootings, we could previously do with this nude model.

Kleine Twiggy - Nude, lost and handcuffed

Naked and alone and handcuffed in a parking garage that was the issue. I parked in the garage every day until I suddenly became aware of immense fascination of this location. The topic was clear.... click here to open this set

Kleine Twiggy - experiments with sparklers

Nude Model Kleine Twiggy in great danger? No, not really! It needs not always to be the flash light! No, also in nude photography it makes much sense to go another way once. The highly sensitive... click here to open this set

Kleine Twiggy - LowKey Bodyparts

In this set with nude model Kleine Twiggy we had different lighting situations and considered its effect on the whole body and on different body regions. The model has a very nice very womanly body... click here to open this set

L. in the dungeon

The old mansion in which we have photographed this set is a bit run down. So just what is needed for what we were up to. A shooting in the S / M-style. Our Nude Model KleineTwiggy brought her... click here to open this set

Kleine Twiggy - I caught a nude angel

Angels practice always a special fascination for me. Azrael has particularly impressed me. Anyone who follows my work will have been pushed to the selling paintings or elsewhere on the subject.... click here to open this set