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Backstage and more

Cassandra handcuffed


A photo set by Bruno Tamás. This one was not produced in view of presenting as part of the model section at Nude Art Models. A customer needed some photos of a handcuffed lady and so we took some. The young lady is not a nude model. At that time, she was somehow something like a very important friend to me. And she was so kind to play that role. She did it well! The Lady is unfortunately gone. Now there were only these photos and some sad memories.

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Cassandra handcuffed by Bruno Tamás

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Bruno Tamás lives in the West of Germany and is one of our main photographers who work for Nude Art Models. For any request please use the contact form of this site. We will transmit your message to Bruno.

We are sorry, there is no making of video from this shooting available

The photographer is fully responible for the complete content above. In all cases regarding this content above please contact the photographer via us.