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Low-Key Bodyparts


A photo set by Bruno Tamás. This shooting was for a magazin artcile to illustrate a workshop of how to photograph low-key bodyparts. We had two fantastic models with very good female bodies and beautiful curves and shapes. We also tried a number of different accessories to look how the effect on the photo is. The illumination of such sets is relatively simple. You only need a light that is used very selectively directed substantially. Most in almost direct backlighting. I would like to encourage you by this series to follow along and try out yourself. Or make it even better! You welcome to show your work here too!

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Low-Key Bodyparts by Bruno Tamás

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Bruno Tamás lives in the West of Germany and is one of our main photographers who work for Nude Art Models. For any request please use the contact form of this site. We will transmit your message to Bruno.

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