Nude Art Model: Violette | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

year of birth: 1986 | heigth: 1,68 m | region: Leipzig, Germany

I have completed my bachelor's degree in media and communication studies and spent a year traveling around the world. I am fond of traveling and very interested in foreign cultures, especially Asia. At the moment I am applying in the marketing area to be able to study this later.

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Violette at Nude Art Models

Nude Art Model: Violette | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
January 21, 2014 1091

Violette on the Couch

in Nude Art Gallery
The red couch in our studio is always a fascination for the models. With its curved forms and harmonious colors it is a wonderful addition to the naked female bodies. If you still …
Nude Art Model: Violette | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
August 16, 2013 6187


in Model Sedcards
I have completed my bachelor's degree in media and communication studies and spent a year traveling around the world. I am fond of traveling and very interested in foreign cultures …
Nude Art Model: Violette | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
February 28, 2014 802

Violette's worldtour

in Nude Art Gallery
Violette loves to travel. Shortly before our shoot she just came back from a trip around the world. Australia, New Zealand, China, South America, North America ... she has seen so …

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Nude Art Model: Merrylin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
April 30, 2013 1509

Merrylin - HighKey

in Nude Art Gallery
High-key nude photograhy is a beautiful thing, especially when you have such a gorgeous and suitable model as Merrylin is. Merrylin also brought her dog Joker into the studio, we a …
Nude Art Model: Megumi | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
April 04, 2014 581

Megumi's gun

in Nude Art Gallery
Naked Girls and guns, also a constantly fascinating subject, especially if it is implemented as a nude. This set shows us Megumi and her deep love for her gun. You can see that she …
Nude Art Model: Schnutzi | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
June 08, 2013 4154


in Model Sedcards
I am a very open and honest person. I'm confident, I also like to show, despite some "problem areas" as others like to call. I also have a child and therefore stretch marks (which …
Nude Art Model: Christin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
September 04, 2012 1053

Christin - Nude Poses

in Nude Art Gallery
To prepare for a nude workshops I had invited me to the studio nude model Christin. In the workshop the participants should learn hoow to work with a nude model. The poses of the w …
Aktposen, Posing guide, nude models, JulesJules
May 20, 2013 2807

Nude Poses - Cube

in Posing Guide
A cube is also a beautiful thing with which can be used for nude posing. Many different body postures are possible. Jules here shows many examples. Let us inspire you to develop yo …





Aktmodell: Fresh | Fotograf: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Fresh - Ghettoblaster

Fresh and her love to the music were a second time the subject of a nude photo shooting with this beautiful model. This time she had brought with her ​​boom box and beautifully put …
Nude Art Model: Sandy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig


After Sandy had completed her high school, she started a business education. Sandy would like to expand her horizon as a nude model and would love to collect a lot of nice experien …
Nude Art Model: Cindy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Cindy paramedic

In real life, our nude model Cindy is a paramedic. She loves this work very much and so it made ​​sense to make a small photo set in this outfit with her, nude of course. So if you …
Nude Art Model: Miss Pain | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Miss Pain - Outdoor

We were with Miss Pain at this icy cold day at a beautiful lake in the south of Leipzig. It was early morning and nature was still asleep when we started making photos. With time, …

Making-of Videos

Scenes from a contract-shooting for an upcoming internet project. The model was first time nude in front of a camera.