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Steffi van T - Autumn Beauty

Nude Art Model: Steffi van T | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

model: Steffi van T | photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig | location: Jutta-Park, Grimma

The annual topic. Unfortunatly we haven't had a chance before to do a autumn shooting. This year we had a lot of applications for the autumn shooting. Especially this makes it important to be spontanious and not prude because we can't influence the weather. Steffi came motivated to the meeting point and satisfied with her open mind. We drove together to a small wooded area. The sun was waiting there for us and we could start the shooting. The autumn showed us all different colours. We are proud of Steffi who was valiant in the cold temperatures and the fresh wind. The outcome show the wonderful refelction of the autumn atmosphere.

At this outdoor shoot we did not took so much light equipment. A shoe mount flash and a reflector that was all. It was important for us to capture the available light mood and brighten just a little where it was needed. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II Lens: Canon EF 4,0 / 24-105 L IS USM, post-processing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Steffi van T at Nude Art Models

Nude Art Model: Steffi van T | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
November 12, 2013 1617

Steffi van T - Autumn Beauty

in Nude Art Gallery
The annual topic. Unfortunatly we haven't had a chance before to do a autumn shooting. This year we had a lot of applications for the autumn shooting. Especially this makes it impo …

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Making-of Videos

Some scenes from the sedcard shooting for Nude Art Models with Melanie Müller (Bachelor)