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Lily rocks

Nude Art Model: Lily | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

model: Lily | photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig | location: Studio Papillon, Leipzig

What a session! For our series 'sensual music' nude model Lily brought an electric guitar among other things to the shooting. And with this gitar she began to rock. Mick Jagger anyway can pack! But see for yourself how much Lily rocks!

Simple light set-up: two soft boxes, one right, one left, reagdy. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II Lens: Canon EF 4,0 / 24-105 L IS USM, post-processing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. In the editing I did extremely raised the clarity to get this heavy effect.

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Lily at Nude Art Models

Nude Art Model: Lily spielt Geige | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
February 02, 2014 1373

Lily plays a violin

in Sensual Music
Not only a conventional violin has a special charm. The electronic version of this fascinating musical instrument also draws the viewer into its spell. Even more if the string inst …
Nude Art Model: Lily | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
September 17, 2013 2012

Lily rocks

in Nude Art Gallery
What a session! For our series 'sensual music' nude model Lily brought an electric guitar among other things to the shooting. And with this gitar she began to rock. Mick Jagger any …
Nude Art Model: Lily | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
January 01, 2014 4116


in Model Sedcards
Lily: "I'm a model since I'm 16. Since 2012, I'm doing the whole thing more intense, outdoor and studio. Partly nudity is no problem. A rule that I have learned through the work is …
Nude Art Model: Lily | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
December 08, 2013 2025

Lily - Gothic Angel

in Gothic-Erotic
The eternal attraction of the woman ... Also the dark side has its temptations. Or eminently the dark side? Who knows. Lily played her role in our Gothic Erotic shooting in a fanta …

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Nude Art Model: Nippi | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
July 29, 2012 1537

Checking the lights pt 2

in Nude Art Gallery
After we had put one light situation in front of white background in part, followed in the second part of the black background. I prefer this background in nude photography in the …
Nude Art Model: Nicole | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
November 11, 2012 2281

Nicole - Low-Key Beauty

in Nude Art Gallery
This small series was founded in the context of a nude workshop which was presented by a company which offerd some new studio technology. The model Nicole gave everything to make i …
Nude Art Model: Robina | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
June 30, 2013 6345


in Model Sedcards
I am 26 years old, have been living for 2 years in Leipzig and study at the EAH in Jena. In my spare time I am very fond of active (cycling, inline skating, ...). Since 4 months I …
Nude Art Model: Jeannie | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
July 13, 2013 2079

Jeanie freestyle

in Nude Art Gallery
Jeanie posing nude free and without a special headline. It surrounds our nude model Jeanie something mysterious. Not only through the blindfold. The young woman has a strong charis …
Nude Art Model: Fresh | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
January 17, 2014 1846

Fresh - Vinyl

in Nude Art Gallery
Do you remember vinyl records? These large black discs, you were allowed to touch only with kid gloves to leave no fingerprints, or even scratches? I have even a few hundred of the …





Aktmodell: Fresh | Fotograf: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Fresh - Ghettoblaster

Fresh and her love to the music were a second time the subject of a nude photo shooting with this beautiful model. This time she had brought with her ​​boom box and beautifully put …
Nude Art Model: Sandy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig


After Sandy had completed her high school, she started a business education. Sandy would like to expand her horizon as a nude model and would love to collect a lot of nice experien …
Nude Art Model: Cindy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Cindy paramedic

In real life, our nude model Cindy is a paramedic. She loves this work very much and so it made ​​sense to make a small photo set in this outfit with her, nude of course. So if you …
Nude Art Model: Miss Pain | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Miss Pain - Outdoor

We were with Miss Pain at this icy cold day at a beautiful lake in the south of Leipzig. It was early morning and nature was still asleep when we started making photos. With time, …

Making-of Videos

Some scenes from the sedcard shooting for Nude Art Models with Melanie Müller (Bachelor)