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Nude Art Model: Jasmin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

year of birth: 1987 | heigth: 1,73 m | region: Leipzig, Germany

I'm going to model now for a few years. To me it is a lot of fun to present myself in front of the camera and play different roles. Working with the Nude Art Models photographer gives me as great fun and I trust him. That's why I'm willing to stand model anonymous (with mask or blindfold) outside my actual model-areas. Depending on what the customer wants and if I am suitable.

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Jasmin at Nude Art Models

Nude Art Model: Jasmin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
September 15, 2013 1577

Jasmin, delicate fabric

in Nude Art Gallery
Our charming anonymous nude model Jasmine shows us what you she do with this so delicate and transparent fabric. The fabrics reveals more than it conceals, yet the photos got somet …
Nude Art Model: Jasmin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
November 18, 2013 1422

Educating Jasmin

in My dark fantasy
The story of "O" exerts an unbroken fascination. A story of humility and submission, of devotion and be delivered. Jasmin was like painted for this role. The outfit which was kindl …
Nude Art Model: Jasmin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
July 27, 2013 1484

Jasmin jewelry

in Nude Art Gallery
Theme of the shooting with our charming anonymous nude model Jasmin was this time jewelry. Jasmine has brought some jewelry to shooting and shows it us here. A beautiful unknown yo …
Nude Art Model: Jasmin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
May 11, 2013 4715


in Model Sedcards
I'm going to model now for a few years. To me it is a lot of fun to present myself in front of the camera and play different roles. Working with the Nude Art Models photographer gi …

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Aktposen, Posing guide, nude models, Jules
May 06, 2013 4902

Nude Poses Standing

in Posing Guide
It is not easy to pose nude while standing! Jules show lots of examples what can be done. It's very important to keep the body voltage. Especially while doing standing poses it is …
naked shooting with nude model Bianca & Julia N.
June 18, 2013 1661

EURO 2012

in Nude Art Gallery
Related with the European Football Championships in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, we shot an editorial for a magazine. Our two models Julia N. and Binaca were immediately hooked for …
Nude Art Model: Katja W. | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
August 05, 2012 1990

Lost in the carpark

in Nude Art Gallery
Fascination underground parking. This was the first shooting that I have done in this exciting location. Katja and I have met an early Sunday morning to take advantage of the absen …
Nude Art Model: Megumi | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
September 22, 2013 1796

Take a bath with Megumi

in Nude Art Gallery
After a long shooting our 19 year old nude model had the urgent need to treat herself in the bathtub with lots of foam and a relaxing bath. Fortunately, our studio has a tub and so …
Nude Art Model: Christin & Enrico | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
September 23, 2012 2318

A short story (a drama?)

in Nude Art Gallery
Chrstin and Enrico came up with the idea of ​​a pair nude art shootings to me. It should be a concept shoot in which they wanted to visualize the story of a relationship. The story …





Aktmodell: Fresh | Fotograf: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Fresh - Ghettoblaster

Fresh and her love to the music were a second time the subject of a nude photo shooting with this beautiful model. This time she had brought with her ​​boom box and beautifully put …
Nude Art Model: Sandy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig


After Sandy had completed her high school, she started a business education. Sandy would like to expand her horizon as a nude model and would love to collect a lot of nice experien …
Nude Art Model: Cindy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Cindy paramedic

In real life, our nude model Cindy is a paramedic. She loves this work very much and so it made ​​sense to make a small photo set in this outfit with her, nude of course. So if you …
Nude Art Model: Miss Pain | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Miss Pain - Outdoor

We were with Miss Pain at this icy cold day at a beautiful lake in the south of Leipzig. It was early morning and nature was still asleep when we started making photos. With time, …

Making-of Videos

Scenes from a nude art shooting in an underground carpark in Leipzig, Germany.