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+++ XMAS - SPECIAL +++ all pola-zip-downloads at 50 % price till 28/12/2014 +++
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Ewelina's dark side


model: Ewelina | photos: Bruno Tamás | location: Studio NAM, Germany

In this set our nude model Ewelina shows off her dark side. Equipped with black feathers and a whip she is the avenging angel Azrael. Come to repay the errors... All kidding aside, Ewelina embodies that very excellent and if absolutely it should be necessary an avenging angel to come, then please let it be such one .... :)

Classical low-key setup. Side flashes, black background. The whips are authentic and the chain is solid and made from stainless steel. No gimmicks so. :)

The highlights from the shooting, all images are of course edited and optimized.

As a special service for nude photographers and agencies we offer all images from the shooting unedited to download for private and personal use. So you should be able to assess your own shooting with the model and the post-processing effort much better.

Note to download and use:
Zip-file containing 375 unedited photos of the shooting (=> sample) for € 7,45. All images for personal use only, any kind of publishing is strictly prohibited! Please log in as a premium member to get 20 % discount.

Have a look at our making of from the shooting and see how the model acts in front of the camera. Our video documentations are recorded live during the shootings and shall help you to achieve a sense of working with the model and its posing in front of camera.

teaser videos

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Ewelina Ewelina
My name is Ewelina and I am 24 years young and was educated at the University of Leipzig. Modelling for me is more of a hobby. Come to me through a friend, which me has used as a " …

Bruno Tamás Bruno Tamás
Passionate photographer …

Studio NAM Studio NAM
Studio Papillon is our own studio n Leipzig where we make most of our photo and video productions. We have two studio rooms and valuable light technique. The studio prepared for th …