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Nude Art Model: Bianca | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

year of birth: 1985 | heigth: 1,76 m | region: Leipzig, Germany

I'm Bianca, 25 years old and I'm from the beautiful Leipzig I always punctual, reliable, active, spirited, focused and ambitious :-) but even more find it out by yourself ....

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Bianca at Nude Art Models

Nude Art Model: Bianca | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
February 03, 2013 7001


in Model Sedcards
I'm Bianca, 25 years old and I'm from the beautiful Leipzig I always punctual, reliable, active, spirited, focused and ambitious :-) but even more find it out by yourself .... …
naked shooting with nude model Bianca & Julia N.
June 18, 2013 2034

EURO 2012

in Nude Art Gallery
Related with the European Football Championships in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, we shot an editorial for a magazine. Our two models Julia N. and Binaca were immediately hooked for …

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Nude Art Model: Beauty in Decay | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
January 18, 2013 5083

Beauty in Decay

in Model Sedcards
I am studying in Leipzig and have thus found in this beautiful city. Since I was a child I am interested in photography and in standing in front of the camera. For 5 years I am a m …
Nude Art Model: Jay | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
December 05, 2012 3500

In the bathtub with Jay

in Nude Art Gallery
Take a bath with our lovely Jay! Or much better: look at her as she loves it to play in the warm water of this bathtub. What a body and what an ass! Lean back and enjoy this wonder …
Nude Art Model: Anja | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
September 10, 2012 1804


in Nude Art Gallery
An outdoor nude shooting with nude model Anya. It was freezing on the day it rained and snowed. But Anya is tough and really wanted to shoot this. And so some few early walkers had …
Nude Art Model: KleineTwiggy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
October 17, 2012 5654

Nude, lost and handcuffed

in Nude Art Gallery
Naked and alone and handcuffed in a parking garage that was the issue. I parked in the garage every day until I suddenly became aware of immense fascination of this location. The t …
Nude Art Model: Mary | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig
March 12, 2014 3350


in Model Sedcards
Mary was at the time of our shooting 21 years old. She studies sociology and lives with her fiancé in Plauen, Germany. However originally she came from the Leipzig lowland . She va …





Nude Art Model: Candy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Candy - Mask

A new photo set with Candy. We also work with masks beside our special Unknown Beauties from time to time. This time it was even Candy's own desire to show herself with this mask i …
Nude Art Model: Madlin | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Madlins Gothic Erotic -…

One more time with Madlin at the cemetery. And again was the theme Gothic Erotic. Seduction and mystery, mysterious eroticism, that is what makes the series and nude model Madlin h …
Nude Art Model: Azalena | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig


Azalena is a very athletic and well-trained young woman. She has a very good body and her posing is very well. Her body is at the time of our castings also perfectly and in great s …
Nude Art Model: Isa | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Isa - Canvas

With our shootsings, we would like to give others ideas on hand to make their own shootings diversified custody. And so we make some shootings with a topic with which the nude mode …

Making-of Videos

Scenes from a contract-shooting for an upcoming internet project. The model was first time nude in front of a camera.