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Artistic poses

Looking for a sporty model with certain posing

Artistic poses

Job Description

For a photo shoot, we look for an artistic nude model that can also take very extreme poses. With "extreme" are physical representations meant, how they can take rhythmic gymnasts or ballett dancers for example. Artistic posing. But it is definitely a stylish and aesthetic production! It is expressly NOT to gynecological insights.

However, nudity is necessary, but it is possible to anonymize the model by a blindfold. Spontaneous and creative posing without much instruction is also required.

Contact: Thomas Braun | Cat's Eyes Production
Contact E-Mail:
Location: Leipzig | Germany
Model Fee: pauschal € 100

Please apply via email to the contact address. Please add one or two meaningful photos.

For the content and photos of this job posting the specified contact is responsible. Please direct all questions and concerns to the contact listed above.





Nude Art Model: Sandy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig


After Sandy had completed her high school, she started a business education. Sandy would like to expand her horizon as a nude model and would love to collect a lot of nice experien …
Nude Art Model: Cindy | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Cindy paramedic

In real life, our nude model Cindy is a paramedic. She loves this work very much and so it made ​​sense to make a small photo set in this outfit with her, nude of course. So if you …
Nude Art Model: Miss Pain | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Miss Pain - Outdoor

We were with Miss Pain at this icy cold day at a beautiful lake in the south of Leipzig. It was early morning and nature was still asleep when we started making photos. With time, …
Nude Art Model: Steph und die Schallplatte | Photographer: Thomas Braun, Leipzig

Steph's disc

It is interesting to see how many young people, and especially young women, are on the old black vinyl records today. Also our nude model Steph is a big fan of it. So she wanted to …

Making-of Videos

Some scenes from the sedcard shooting for Nude Art Models with Melanie Müller (Bachelor)